Health checklist for fitness and firmness

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Health checklist for fitness and firmness

The age of 35 years and over is the time when most people are ready for work. and enjoying life to the fullest But this age is the age that has to turn back to take care of their own bodies as well. Which taking care of this body is not just taking care of the sickness only. It also means planning your own life to have a healthy body. have a good personality suitable for their age as well at สมัคร ufabet

Planning a married life beside the couple’s life

Before young people nowadays start and start a family, they tend to be over 30 years old, which is the time that is past the appropriate period for having children between the ages of 20 and 30 , causing some couples to experience infertility in spite of both parties being ready and want to complete their married life

From the average rate. It was found. that The cause of infertility. It is cause by males, about 40 percent , caused by abnormal sperm production. leave no infection or getting poor quality sperm Abnormal sperm transport or have problems ejaculating sperm as well as other external factors such as stress from work Other physical diseases. Which affects the ability to have children. While the cause of female. There are about 50 percent , most of which cause by abnormalities in ovulation or ovulation, abnormalities of the pelvic floor and the uterine tube. Causing erosion in the pelvic floor. Abnormalities of the cervix and uterus, abnormalities of the vagina Including other factors such as intercourse too far, stress and other physical ailments.

Diagnosing the cause Your doctor will check your ovarian function. 

Quality of the fallopian tubes female hormone levels and male spermatogenesis by counting watch the movement and shape. With the evolution of medicine today. Therefore, there ways to increase the probability of having more children. Both natural methods and scientific methods by natural means. Can done by counting the days to predict the optimal duration of intercourse.Taking stimulant drugs to make the eggs mature and fall at the right time. Which has a pregnancy rate of about 10 – 20 percent per menstrual cycle. There are a variety of forms. Including gift making ( GIFT) , ZIFT ( ZIFT), ICSI ( ICSI) and fertilization outside the body ( In VITRO Fertilization – IVF) or IVF.

In addition to dependence on various evolutions. The important thing is the spouse. to be united to reduce tension Balancing one’s emotional state. This is because stress causes less sperm production and less ovulation. You should make time together to develop a relationship. And see a gynecologist to consult and measure the appropriate time to have children. Just this, a couple life in their thirties. There won’t be just the two of us. But there is still one little life. that is cherishe. That will come to complete the ” family ” life

Know before it falls, fix before some

Normally, human hair has a natural turnover. The average amount of hair for males is 50 – 100 strands per day and females 15 – 30 strands per day. ” Hair loss problem ” is becoming more of a problem for working-age young people. and adversely affect personality cause a lack of confidence