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“Long Black Coffee” and “Americano”: How are they different?

The names of coffee menus are so diverse that both people who are coffee lovers And it’s not like coffee lovers are confused and have questions. Black coffee itself has many menus to choose from. This time I was wondering what the difference was between “Long Black Coffee” and

“How to get rid of water stains on the toilet”

The water stain problem is one of the major problems in the bathroom. Because of the various sanitary ware Must come into contact with water. If the water is hard water with a high amount of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, bicarbonate, and sulfate, over time the water

6 types of fruits that can be eaten to reduce belly fat

Of course, girls Those who are concentrating on losing weight must pay attention to the issue of food. Especially choosing to eat each type of fruit. Because not all fruits can help you lose weight. But on the contrary, it causes weight to increase without realizing it. Because the amount of sugar

5 herbs to comfortably deal with menopause.

Testosterone decreases during menopause. It occurs when androgen hormones gradually decrease. The onset of this condition varies from person to person. It depends on how well health care is provided. On average, it begins at around 48-52 years of age. How to deal with menopause? Related to the practice of

High Sodium Diet Know

High Sodium Diet Know Eat high sodium food, why risk kidney failure? Sodium is one of the essential nutrients for the body. It is responsible for regulating the amount of fluid in the body in the right amount. Helps in the functioning of the nervous system and muscles But sodium is

Health checklist for fitness and firmness

Health checklist for fitness and firmness The age of 35 years and over is the time when most people are ready for work. and enjoying life to the fullest But this age is the age that has to turn back to take care of their own bodies as well. Which taking

Addicted To Coffee How Do You Stop Drinking Coffee?

Addicted To Coffee How Do You Stop Drinking Coffee?  Who drink every day almost as a routine. If any day I don’t drink or break raw, stop coming up. Besides feeling like something is missing Some people may experience unusual symptoms such as headaches, lack of energy, or lack of

Jaw pain dangerous sign of working age

Jaw pain dangerous sign of working age Disorders of the surrounding muscles. This jaw joint It is often cause by abnormal muscle function in the area. Especially if there is stress. This can cause pain and muscle weakness. This may cause by using too much muscle. Or misuse such as chewing