Salah receives a boat shot, may be more beautiful than shooting

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Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah admitted that the goal scored against Manchester City in the last game may have been more beautiful than the shot that gave the Reds a 5-0 thrashing of Watford ,

Salah ‘s fourth goal of the game, as Firmino took the ball from A. Fernandez before flowing to the Egyptian footballer to break up 3 people before locking Catcart after breaking and then lapping left through Foster into the far post.

He was asked if he had scored a better goal: “Maybe the last game! I don’t know which child is better. This goal, or the goal scored against City

“Every time I’m in the frame I try to pass the ball to someone to score goals. Or maybe shoot yourself. It’s always about the team. I always try to play for the team.

“The most important thing today is that we scored good goals. We attackers can score goals. I hope it continues like this.”

In addition, the stars are negotiating a new contract with the agency. was asked about his great work. This is the 8th consecutive shots to beat

, “I do not know, I’m just trying Sometimes I was lucky to score a goal.

“I’m just trying 100% with what I have and trying to help the team. sometimes i have luck sometimes there is no

“But now I’m feeling confident. I felt that I could shoot. Help the team to collect points. which is the most important thing.”