Ranieri won’t quit until he’s ‘70 or 80’

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New Watford boss Claudio Ranieri says he wants to carry on managing until he is 80.

The Italian turns 70 next week and is preparing for a fourth stint in the Premier League when his Vicarage Road reign starts against Liverpool on Saturday.

If it is longevity he is craving he probably chose the wrong club as Watford’s trigger-happy method of working saw Xisco Munoz become the seventh manager sacked in five years.

Still he has no plans to call time on his career even if things do not work out at Watford.

Asked why he is not enjoying the later years of his life by relaxing, he replied: “Because I’m very boring if I don’t stay in football. I love football, I love the life, and then why not?

“Seventy or 80, maybe, why not? The oldest manager in England, maybe with a walking stick. But the brain is important, and the brain is very young.

“I put all my energy, all my spirit, in my job, and I’m so happy. The chairman knows me very, very well.”

It was 20 years ago that Ranieri got the moniker of the ‘Tinkerman’ for his constant changing of his Chelsea team and tactics.

The Italian can laugh about it now and insists he was a flagbearer for the current crop of managers.

“I love football, I love this life, at 50, maybe 70, maybe 80, why not? The oldest manager of the Premier League could use a staff,” Ranieri said,

“but the brain is important. My brain is still very young now.”

“I came back to achieve some goals with Watford. i am ambitious The club president is ambitious. i want to do this I will put all my heart and soul into this work. And I’m very happy.”