‘Rangnick’ believes ghost followers do not boo ‘Maguire’ like a national team fan

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Ralph Rangnick doesn’t understand why Harry Maguire was booed by England fans. And believe Manchester United fans won’t do that,

Maguire was booed before and during England’s friendly against Ivory. On Tuesday night

, national team manager Gareth Southgate, Harry Kane, Jack Grealish and Jordan Henderson all came out to defend Maguire after the game.

The German was also shocked by Maguire being. The target of the Lions’ boos at Wembley

. Rangnick said:

“I don’t understand what happened at Wembley but I’m pretty sure something like this won’t happen at our stadium with Red. ARMYs are always the inspiration for the club and their captain.”

“He’s a very important player for Manchester United and England in recent years, Gareth Southgate and Harry Kane said something about it after the game

. I heard what happened after they announced the lineup. It’s difficult to understand what’s going on.”

Asked if he would like to say anything to England fans who booed Maguire, Rangnick said: “I haven’t spoken to them one-on-one but I’m pretty sure I will. It doesn’t happen in our field. Rangnick was

also asked why Maguire was the target of boos from fans. the ufabet report

“I don’t think this is a personal matter. It’s not about Maguire himself. We know there have been one or two players who have been criticized in the last one or two years.

“For example, Fred, is a very important player for this team, playing for the regular team and starting for the Brazilian national team. I’ve watched him play two games and he’s doing well

. And people will probably compare him to legendary players and big players.

“Fred, McTominay and Harry are important players and players with the right attitude.