Liverpool encourages friends to throw the final curve of the Premier League

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Liverpool encourages friends to throw the final curve of the Premier League.

Ibrahima Konate, Liverpool defensive line. Emphasizes to Liverpool teammates that they must not be discouraged. Although at this time they may have to miss playing in the Champions League .

Liverpool are in a position of lagging behind, 12 points behind them in the Champions League, eighth in the table with nine games remaining in the season. Which Liverpool has been in the news a lot about the team wash. And building a new team. But for Konate, the team still has to believe in the team for the rest of this season.

“As a young player I’ve been through hard times before. I’ve missed the world championship And the Champions League, it’s a very big defeat for me. Hopefully when I stop playing professional football I’ll look back and say It was a big disappointment that motivated me to keep going.

“I want to be successful with next year’s big championships. that’s my goal It motivates me to go even further. We’ve been to 4 finals in a season. and we got two and one point behind the Premier League champions.”

“We have to keep trying to finish this season as best we can. Don’t let our impulses diminish. On the other hand, make it even more. And whether we get to the Champions League or not, we still have league games. And getting involved in the Europa League is important to change. Why we are not contending for the title this season.