JK says Southgate ignores ‘Gomez’ but calls ‘Stones’ long seat flag

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp blames England manager Gareth Southgate Who refused to choose Joe Gomez to serve the country, but carried John Stones, the defender who did not play for Manchester City for a minute this season to the World Cup. Latest qualifiers.

“Sometimes Gareth is action when you’re not playing for the club. You won’t be in the national team,” Klopp said at the Press Conference on Friday.

“Obviously, there is a privilege for Mr Stones.”

Although Gomez only had 12 minutes to play in the Premier League.

Virgil van Dijk and Joe Matip have been working well together. But he is often given the opportunity to play. In the cup and the Champions League, which Klopp would love to see more of his players in the England squad,

but Gomez was ultimately left out of the squad for the latest clash against Andor. Rao and Hungary, while Southgate still chooses Stones and starts both matches.

“Joe is in excellent shape.  That would help a lot because he’s a great centre-half,” said Klopp.

“We have five outstanding defenders, Nat Phillips is not in the squad but we also have Konate and Joe. “

Last year taught us that there must be at least four centre-backs. but when everyone is healthy We started getting these questions.”

“It wasn’t perfect every week for them. but it’s the situation which we cope really well because of his quality”