‘Fagioli’ is being investigated for possibly breaking gambling rules.

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Juventus are in for another headache when reports in Italy say their dynamic young midfielder Nicolo Fagioli is under investigation for breaking gambling rules. This carries a ban of up to three years if found guilty.

La Stampa reports that this is part of an investigation by Turin prosecutors into illegal gambling on online platforms.

Investigators examined access to the website, data including money transfers and Fajoli’s name as one of the possible gambling suspects. Causing him to be question โปรโมชั่น ufabet

The Italian Football Federation has been aware of the matter since August 30, and prosecutors have launched an investigation. This was follow by a report from the player’s lawyer informing the federation of the ongoing investigation.

The investigation team is trying to find out the truth about what Fajoli gambled on and whether he actually gambled on an illegal platform or not.

Article 24 of the sports neutrality regulations states: “Professional footballers are prohibited from betting on official games organized. By the Italian Football Federation, UEFA and FIFA,”. And are also “prohibited from placing bets or accepting bets. Directly or indirectly.” If Fagioli is found guilty

, Will lead to penalties of more than 25,000 euros and also a maximum ban of 3 years. Previously, Juventus had already encountered

problems with Paul Pogba following the results of a doping test from The second example is positive. and risk being banned as well