Evra reveals that he did not talk to ‘Vidic’ for 3 months

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Former Manchester United left-back Patrice Evra has revealed that he had an argument with close friend. Nemanja Vidic that he did not talk to for three months until Sir Alex Ferguson had to. Solve the problem by bringing Rio Ferdinand to stand as the left-back, sandwiched between the two,

Evra and Vidic are two of the most important forces of the Red Devils in the golden age. Won the Premier League 5 times and the Champions League 2008. however, Evra revealed that The couple had a fight to the point that they didn’t talk to each other for 3 months.

Evra and Vidic arrived in the same month of the January transfer window of the 2005-06 season and the pair looked to have trouble early on at the club.

“We moved in together. we struggle together We stayed in the same hotel, I remember. We were terrible at first. Me and him,” Evra recounted an old story in a Q&A session on the club’s website.

“We share a lot of suffering. So I very much respect Vida “

” To be honest, we both had a quarrel with me, and we talked to him three months. “

“We play together but didn’t say a word I never told him to go left or right, neither did he. Until finally Sir Alex had to solve the problem by bringing Rio Ferdinand to stand on the left side between us “

“It was like that for three months until after the game I remember him coming up to me to the dressing room. Let me do a high five Everyone wants it to end. Because we are best friends together, Vida and I, we have a profound story together.”

Both Evra and Vidic are members of United’s formidable back-four. by the French national team defender Served 379 times for the club while the Serbian defender He played for the club in 300 games.