“Frank” told “Chelsea” to come with luck, his team would win.

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Thomas Frank, boss of Brentford Praise the team’s performance in the game against Chelsea and see his opponents lucky to win. 

Just showing excellent form. Attacking the leader of the crowd like “Chelsea” on one side at the end, but met with a wonderful save from Eduard Mendy, many times that made them lose. 1-0:

“If you look at all 90 minutes. The only team that deserves to win is us with a very high ratio in terms of chances. We make the European champions and Premier League leaders. There were only five shots throughout the game, it was amazing,” Frank said after the game.

“I know they dominated the game a little bit in the first half but in the end we were superior. it was amazing. I’m very proud of this performance. This is what we need to build on.” Frank said after the game

“They needed to win and were really lucky to win today. 

That is why I am very pleased to add that if the lecture they had just won the Champions League last four months. And we won a playoff champions Chips Up, “

” It’s about the play as a whole. If we play this game again, we will definitely win. If we could play like this we would have won nine out of 10 games. This is what we really wanted and wanted to create.”