Felipe cried! Getting red – teasing the old ‘Correa’ does not play with

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It became an issue to be discussed with a red card after Luis Felipe is final whistle that caused him to shed tears. It’s sad that old friend Jokin Correa didn’t play with a jumping-back tease after the Lazio game. Open the home win against Inter Milan 3-1

in such a game in 90 minutes, very boiling. Inter Milan players maddened, almost laying down the boxing stroke 2-1 for Felipe Anderson, who agreed to stop the game after Federi. Ko DiMarco lies on the ground. Until the concentration is lost, having to lose the third goal. during injury time. For Sergey Milinkovic-Savic hit another goal

after the whistle ended. The temperature of the game has not yet been exhausted. 

When the incident happened a little more when Correa was not satisfied with Luis Felipe riding on his back, smiling in a good mood.

The two were close friends when Correa played for Lazio. before moving to Inter this season

Finally, the referee had to give Felipe a red card as he was referred to tears trying to explain to Correa that it was just a tease of a close friend.

Felipe’s red card. Will have a very bad effect on the Lazio line. When the next match they have to meet Juventus. Which they will not have Francesco Azerby, a key defender who is already banned.