The Gallery

Galleria MOdenArte was founded in Italy in 2005 by Marco Bignardi and Fulvio Fregni, a couple of business men and experts in art. Since then the success and the recognition of the gallery grew rapidly and became more and more established in the eyes and mind of new collectors as well as to already seasoned art lovers.

Galleria MOdenArte is specialized in a wide spectrum of international artists of the period starting with the 20th century until today, from masters to promising new talents. His array of artworks comprise abstract and figurative paintings, photography, and sculptures in marble, bronze, terracotta, and wood.

During the recent past the gallery organized some unique and noteworthy exhibitions like Surrealism, CoBrA, and, for the first time in Italy, a solo exhibition of Steve McCurry, the famous photographer who took the universally known shot called "Afghan Girl".

For the last four years, Galleria MOdenArte's team has cooperated with several museums in Europe by giving them his support and his expertise.

In order to be always closer to people who love art, MOdenArte's team developed a specific program by opening a representative office, located in Boca Raton - Florida, USA, with the scope of promoting and introducing modern and contemporary European and Italian art and initiating cultural exchanges between the two countries.

Moreover, the plan for the gallery's development also considers its participation at some worldwide established art fairs located in Europe, America and Asia. The visitors to our gallery and our booths at the various art fairs will experience a uniquely serene environment arranged with selections from its collections, which MOdenArte's team describes as "fine aesthetic art with universal appeal".

As Marco and Fulvio say, «We have made of our passion our life style. We believe passions and only passions can nourish the root system for a culture to be born. The many aspects of culture take on forms and complexities that evolve into a rich tradition. Once the tradition develops, an identity begins to be continuously spread through the ages. As we live through these times we create our own lifestyle and become a part of culture, tradition, and history. A history that is alive and yet living each moment as it unfolds, allowing the art uninterrupted growth and prosperity. Once the art work is realized, our passion is further seduced to complete another level of perfection. This is our belief».

Admission free. The gallery is free to all visitors.